me with big time rush and loving every minute of it
There has always be one thing that's bothered me and it seems to be prevalent more so now than ever before. I can't STAND the judgement I receive from liking "boy bands". Ever since I was eight years old, I have invited boy bands into my life with open arms. I have made myself comfortable in the fandoms, from the Backstreet Boys to the Jonas Brothers (if you know me, you will understand that obsession very well). At twenty three years old, I have found my musical taste forever changing, but there has always been a place in my heart for hot guys singing pop music.

Boy bands are iconic in the sense that they usually contain 4-5 members who are typically good looking. They don't have to have phenomenal voices because their looks take reign over the real talent. Sometimes they can be horrible at dancing, but have amazing personalities. All that aside, there is someone for everyone in a boy band. But what I want to know is who made the rule that you have to stop liking them at a certain age?

Within the past 2-3 years, I have found myself in love with the boy band Big Time Rush. Sadly, their musical fame away from television has been odd so the majority of people who do know about them are younger thanks to Nickelodeon. My "obsession" per se has died down significantly after their flop of a summer tour (which could be a post all in it's own), but I bring this up for one reason and one reason only. I am mocked, teased, and constantly smothered with remarks that I am too immature or old to like boy bands. Is it not okay to like feel good music? Music you can sing along to? Boy bands are artists that put on a show. I have never been one to sit in the lawn and listen to someone play guitar. I like the pyrotechnics, I like the choreography,  guess what? I even like the confetti. Boy bands make me feel good.

I do understand that boy bands are marketed to the younger set because it's easier for kids to buy into them. I have bought into it too, spending over $600+ to not only meet my idols, but to sit front row several times. I am grateful for the fact that I have met fans around my age who would probably attest to the truth in this post completely. I could go on for hours trying to defend myself on why it's okay for me to like boy bands, but it always comes down to my happiness.

The ones that mock me are missing the real point though. If we look at Big Time Rush for example, every single young man in that boy band happens to be over the age of 21. They are my age and they're people I can relate to. While they live fabulous lives with lavish cars and tons of money, they still have something in common with myself. They can drink if they want to, just like I can. They can go to college, just like I did. Boy band needs to become a loose term because not all bands are made up of boys and their fans aren't always little girls.

I  have never been ashamed to admit that I like boy bands. I enjoy One Direction, Big Time Rush, and I will probably love the boy bands that take over the ropes from the previous two. If you are obsessed with Star Wars and you collect tons of memorabilia, you aren't a nerd because you're embracing what you love. If you've seen Taylor Swift a zillion times and you're thirty five, you're witnessing live music that brings you happiness. But in other people's eyes, I am "too old" to like boy bands. What our society is missing is the simple task of understanding. People do the things they do and love the things they love for pleasure, happiness, and enjoyment. I don't see being passionate about the things I love as wrong. It makes me just like everyone else, my outlet just happens to be different.
11/7/2013 11:24:22 pm

The worst part is Im a guy obsessed with boy bands, none of my friends can relate. I end up going to most shows alone :(

11/20/2013 01:42:56 pm

the beauty of going to shows alone is making friends! i have attended every big time rush show on my own, without a care in the world and i have made so many beautiful friendships from it. these are people who share the same love and interest as me, i have been so grateful for them accepting me with open arms. now anytime the guys from BTR comes around, i have people to meet up with and i am no longer alone!

11/9/2013 12:21:27 pm

I know exactly how you feel. My mom likes to constantly nag me about Big TIme Rush, and how "I'm going to be the oldest one at the concert", and "Don't you think you're a little too old to be going to their show" and when I expressed to them how I felt that this past summer's tour was lacking from their other tours, her answer was "maybe you're getting too old." My brother, who is 16 and will be 17 in December, also likes to make fun of me about how I'm 21 and I "hang out with 7 year olds" when I go their concerts. But that doesn't stop me from spending my money year after year getting VIP to meet them, and sit up close.

No, that's not the case. This past summer tour, although was nostalgic because we didn't know if BTR will exist and tour again, was lacking, and very not put together well. I mean, they didn't even have a band...like what? But nonetheless, I still had a great time at the Jones Beach show, and of course meeting you was definitely a highlight. At least I know of my now group of BTR friends, we're all over the age of 20, and we still love Big Time Rush. No matter how old we get, they get older as well. We can still, if ever gotten the chance, get drunk with them legally and have fun with them in a club or a bar.


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