I've never had much interest in girl bands for some reason. Growing up, I was interested in Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and other female solo artists, but never a group. The only band that I can admit to enjoying was The Spice Girls only because I was like every other girl in the 90s. They exist and they flourish for a bit, but for some reason they don't stay together "forever". It might be the fact that girls are cattier than boys. There is always a power struggle among the females and every girl band ends up with the "diva". 

Let's take Destiny's Child for instance. I was never a fan of them nor am I even a fan of Beyonce now (no judgement towards those who worship her), but they didn't last forever. Sure, the three of them all had potential in one way or another but Beyonce's voice did shine high above the others. It always ends with one or all wanting to go solo. Once they accrue enough fame through being a group, they can all try their own thing. It just happens that one of the girls in the group will always have a bigger following than the others. 

The Spice Girls are another great example. They went strong for so many years and produced some of the most popular 90s music staples. When they had their comeback a few years ago, girls were dressing up as their former idols for halloween and the five brits were able to sell out a tour. It was interesting how nostalgia can overwhelm people, especially when it has to do with their childhood. I actually remember their break up quite clearly, Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) was the one who wanted to leave. It was quite devastating and while they all tried their own thing and had some pretty juicy tabloid stories, none of them were able to excel into anything better. I blame it on the fact that their voices weren't that good and their careers fueled on mediocre pop music and really ridiculous 7 inch platform shoes. It was the age of GIRL POWER!! 

Now I am looking into things more recent. I am not a big fan of these voice competition shows only because it gets extremely repetitive every season. Sometimes I wonder why American Idol is still on, but with The X Factor and The Voice, we've been able to see what talent is hidden in the world today. There are 2 new girl bands who I have been interested in seeing bloom and that's Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. 

I spent most of the day today watching videos of Little Mix on YouTube to get a better feel about them and I can admit that they have amazing voices. Every single one of them sounds uniquely different than the other and after watching a little documentary on how they first started, I agree with every single judge. These girls wouldn't be able to do much on their own, but put together, Perrie, Leigh Ann, Jesy and Jade are absolutely amazing. They're talented and they're making great music, coming from the over opinionated girl herself. While I have hope for them, a part of me is very worried there's going to be a brawl or perhaps a solo struggle yet again. When you stick that many talented people together, it's bound to happen.

Where as Fifth Harmony, my opinion differentiates a bit. I haven't followed them very much nor have I bothered to research them. I admit that because if we're speaking honestly here - I don't care about them. I saw them perform on The X Factor a few weeks back and I was more than unimpressed. First off, their lyrics for their current single "Me and My Girls" is beyond corny and whether they were nervous or not, their voices do not hold on compared to Little Mix. Seeing them bounce around on giant sized beds in onesies really had me question them. I have always bragged about how I have a keen eye when it comes to music, hence why I would love to go in A&R and my hypothesis with these girls? I don't see them lasting very long. Most people on these talent shows don't last very long regardless.

When it comes to music, nothing lasts forever and I don't think there will ever be a clear explanation why what artists stick and which artists fade. It all depends on society and what our ears are craving during that time. I am grateful for the iconic people that have graced this business and I am also grateful for the ones that have disappeared. In conclusion, I continue to be on a level of indifference when it comes to girl groups. These are the ones that come and go, just like boy bands, with some that'll make a lasting impression. Remember Eden's Crush, B*Witched, Cleopatra, and Play? How well did they do? Case closed.

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