I am pretty shocked that the internet didn't explode this past Sunday. When I heard about One Direction's album "accidentally" leaking on iTunes, I was pretty sure the fandom would be in an uproar. Sadly I don't follow the 1D fandom enough and everything I do know is from my 11 year old niece, which is fine with me. I've heard horror stories of fandoms from being a BTR fan so I try to avoid going into them in the first place. They're a weird place, like a bar at last call. The lights come on and everything you didn't want to know finally shows. All in all, I stay out but that didn't stop me from being curious about Midnight Memories

I have nothing against One Direction, honestly. I thoroughly enjoy their music and I do think they're a talented and handsome group of guys. I always go back and forth on who is the most talented and most attractive in the group and I can never pin point it. Their vocals are all strong and their personalities are compatible, but unique nonetheless. 

The only qualms I have with the boy band is that there is a severe lack in songwriting and simply put - Louis. Hearing the progression from Up All Night to Midnight Memories, their maturity has excelled in sound, but Louis' voice still gets me. It's pretty hilarious because in my opinion, I am most attracted to him, but he definitely ranks last in vocals. Sometimes I wonder if he was kept in X Factor for the fact that he was good looking (except for that god awful Bieber bowl cut).  My biggest guess is they nearly slaughtered him with a butt load of vocal lessons to put him on the same level as the rest of the guys or simply, cut his lines in their songs down to one or two segments. Whatever works though. 

Moving on to songwriting, I am always impressed when I know that not only are artists using their own voices, but they're singing the words they concocted too. I always open up CD booklets when purchasing an album out of curiosity of the photos and most importantly, lyrics. I am slightly disappointed in the lack of power One Direction has in writing their own lyrics. I think when you follow an artist you love so much, there's a sense of honor and admiration knowing they worked as hard as they did on the writing aspect. Not to say 1D doesn't work their asses off because I know they do, but it'd be nice to see what they have to say musically more often. 

After listening to Midnight Memories through and through for the past few days (yes I didn't wait, I told you I was curious!), I can finally conclude that I have mixed feelings. A lot of the songs were too slow for my liking, especially coming from Take Me Home. I felt like their prior album was more "single ready", meaning most of the songs could end up on top 40 radio in a heartbeat. This album dragged for me, especially since I listened to the deluxe edition so it was twice as long. There are two songs I have been jamming to back to back since they seem to be the most up beat and to my taste. If you're not sure on whether you want to listen or not, I would recommend starting with the more energetic of the tracks such as Does He Know? and Alive

1D stuck to their typical sound which I praise, I am always iffy when artists swap around their sound. When BTR released 24/seven, I listened more than ten times until I found songs I enjoyed. Let's be real though, every artist will have a killer album and one (or more) that sucks. I am impressed that these British (and Irish) guys are doing so well, though. I always see an influx of boy bands every four years and they don't seem to last forever; under the exception of The Backstreet Boys, NKOTB, and Boyz II Men. Don't you think it's time to give it a rest?

All that aside, I can see myself turning into a "Directioner". I am being swayed because of their popular demand (I am enthralled with trends, a follower of sorts), but you won't see me buying that Harry Styles life size stand up from FYE anytime soon... or I could be lying.

Must listen: Little White Lies, Better Than Words, Don't Forget Where You Belong

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